About Helimotion

About Helimotion

Located in the Chicagoland area Helimotion was started in 2003 to provide a first class helicopter service to our customers. As the premier operator in the Midwest. Helimotion is the choice for helicopter charter service to many Fortune 500 companies.

We offer charter flight services throughout the Midwest, including Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Malwaukee, St. Louis, and more. We offer Aerial Production and Utility Services Nationwide.

Our pilots have over 25 years of experience in the helicopter industry providing you with the utmost safety. Helimotion is readily available to meet all your helicopter charter needs. Whatever your helicopter requirements might be let Helimotion put your plan in motion.

AS365 N2 Dauphin

Experience the ultimate marriage of elegance and power in Helimotion's premier concierge helicopter. Renowned for its agility, range, and reliability, Dauphin is the vehicle of choice for anyone who demands uncompromising performance as well as VIP accommodations.

With a potent twin-engine design and dual-pilot cockpit, the AS365 delivers unmatched safety while traveling further and faster than any ordinary helicopter. Its spacious, climate-regulated cabin features a well-heeled beverage console and opulent leather seating for five passengers.

Passengers: 5
Cruise Speed: 178mph
Endurance: 3 hours / 530 miles
Gross Weight: 9,370lbs
Useful Load: 4,360lbs

AS355F-2 Twinstar

A popular selection for aerial production and executive transportation, the Twinstar offers luxurious interior trim, along with outstanding speed and range. It's also one of the most reliable helicopters in the industry, thanks to its fail-safe two-engine design and state-of-the-art rotor system.

The AS355's wide cabin contains enhanced soundproofing, comfortable stitched-leather seating, internal temperature stabilization, and a forward-facing design that allows for unobstructed views from every passenger seat.

Passengers: 5
Cruise Speed: 140mph
Endurance: 3.5 hours / 420 miles
Gross Weight: 5600lbs
Useful Load: 2400lbs

AS350 B3e AStar

The AStar is the cornerstone of Helimotion's fleet of utility aircraft: a single-engine workhorse with the best performance in its category. Outfitted with a cargo hook, the AS350 slings loads, fights forest fires, performs production work and aerial surveys, and shoots breathtaking footage with decreased rotor noise.

AS350's nimble handling and impressive cockpit visibility have made it the backbone of law enforcement agencies throughout the US. These same qualities also make the AStar an ideal choice for the most demanding missions requested by our customers.

Passengers: 5
Cruise Speed: 144mph
Endurance: 2.5 hours / 360 miles
Gross Weight: 4,960lbs
Useful Load: 1,800lbs

Eurocopter EC130

The EC130 is a light single-engine helicopter that was created specifically with aerial touring in mind. Starting with the proven construction of the AStar, the EC130 adds an enclosed Fenestron anti-torque device and wider body, creating a modular cabin with much more internal space.

Six passengers will enjoy the plush, forward-facing seating, low vibration levels, and unobstructed views. The EC130 is an impeccable choice for both corporate transportation and unforgettable group sightseeing experiences.

Passengers: 6
Cruise Speed: 145 mph
Endurance: 3.5 hours / 450 miles
Gross Weight: 5512lbs
Useful Load: 2300lbs

EC120B Colibri

The "Hummingbird" is a popular charter helicopter with seating for up to four passengers. By far the quietest ship in its class, customers love the EC120's magnificent visibility and extra-wide cabin. It's a great pick for smart business travel or delightful personal journeys.

Passengers: 4
Cruise Speed: 130mph
Endurance: 3.5 hours / 380 miles
Gross Weight: 3780lbs
Useful Load: 1575lbs

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Chicago Helicopter company Helimotion was started in 2003 to provide a first class helicopter service to our customers not only in Chicago but also throughout the Midwest and nationwide.