Helicopter Charter Service

Helicopter Charter Service

Picture going from the tarmac at O'Hare to the United Center in 15 minutes — during rush hour. Imagine yourself skipping airport queues, soaring over gridlock downtown traffic, and hopping into a waiting limo. Envision traveling in comfort and style, arriving with your passengers relaxed and on time.

Helimotion charter flights are the ultimate experience for corporate and private travel throughout the Midwest. Located in the Chicagoland area, with hubs in both downtown Chicago and Joliet, we offer the largest, safest, and most modern helicopter fleet in the region. Helimotion is the exclusive charter helicopter provider for the Vertiport Chicago: a full-service landing facility and fixed-base operation for helicopters, conveniently located close to downtown in the Illinois Medical District.

Vertiport Chicago brings essential helicopter support services for business, government, and private aviation to the downtown area. A dedicated executive entrance and comfortable lounge combine privacy with top-tier service and security for those who expect exclusive transportation. VIPs and corporate executives can enjoy private amenities and timely, predictable access to and from local airports and Midwest destinations (including private sightseeing tours).

Many Fortune 500 companies choose Helimotion, because we are the only charter service in the Midwest to directly provide both twin- and single-engine turbine helicopters. They rely on our experienced crew for executive transport, airport shuttle, property survey, and corporate outings. Helimotion can deliver that same first-class helicopter charter service for you and your business, whether you're traveling to or from Chicago, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, Detroit, St. Louis, or any other Midwest city.

Helimotion's large fleet offers the flexibility for busy professionals to make many meetings in a single day. From the luxury of our twin-engine AS365 Dauphin to the comfortable, lightweight EC120 Colibri (and several options in-between), Helimotion has the right solution for all your aircraft charter needs.

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Chicago Helicopter company Helimotion was started in 2003 to provide a first class helicopter service to our customers not only in Chicago but also throughout the Midwest and nationwide.