Nationwide Helicopter Utility Service

Helicopter Utility Service

Helimotion can assist in the survey and maintenance of both power line and gas, oil pipelines within the United States. Utility work, including pipeline and power line survey and inspection, is specialized and requires precision flying, intense concentration, and well planned and organized safety procedures throughout the operation. The experience and expertise of Helimotion and its crews in this area of operation makes us the best choice for this type of project.

Helimotion offers service throughout the United States at competitive rates through the utilization of our custom-built enclosed trailer which allows us to save on ferrying and freighting expenses and pass those savings onto our clients.

We offer:

  • Twin Engine Helicopters
  • Aerial Inspection and Maintenance
  • Infrastructure Construction
  • Survey and Mapping

Airborne Filming of Pipeline and Power lines

Filming is done with a five axis helicopter-mounted system operated by a skilled technician, providing airborne high visual definition surveys.

The Gimbal can be used to:

  • Identify structural or hardware defects or deficiencies
  • Profile infrastructure
  • Produce High Definition video of current structure or right way

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Chicago Helicopter company Helimotion was started in 2003 to provide a first class helicopter service to our customers not only in Chicago but also throughout the Midwest and nationwide.